Virginia Dare WISEMAN was born on 3 February 1919 in Reinhardt, Texas.

Spouse: Charles Woodrow BINFORD Sr.. Virginia Dare WISEMAN and Charles Woodrow BINFORD Sr. were married on 25 January 1935. Children were: Charles Woodrow BINFORD Jr., Ralph Hugh BINFORD.

J. G. WOLVERTON was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Nettie A. MIMS. Nettie A. MIMS and J. G. WOLVERTON were married.

Ella WOODY was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Joseph CHAPPELL. Ella WOODY and Joseph CHAPPELL were married on 11 August 1916.

Bonnie Marie WRIGHT was born on 1 April 1913 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Spouse: John Henry BINFORD. Bonnie Marie WRIGHT and John Henry BINFORD were married on 28 July 1931 in Durant, Oklahoma. Children were: John Henry BINFORD Jr., Rose Orleana BINFORD, Paul Lee BINFORD.

David Lyle WYATT was born on 2 June 1961 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Parents: Noel Wayne WYATT Jr. and Daveda SWAFFER.

Kathryn June WYATT was born on 11 December 1920 in Fairland, Oklahoma. Parents: Noel Wayne WYATT and Dixie Kathryn DUMAS.

Spouse: Robert NELSON. Kathryn June WYATT and Robert NELSON were married in 1940. Children were: John NELSON, Joseph Neal NELSON, Kathryn Jane NELSON.

Noel Wayne WYATT was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Dixie Kathryn DUMAS. Dixie Kathryn DUMAS and Noel Wayne WYATT were married on 7 July 1919. Children were: Kathryn June WYATT, Noel Wayne WYATT Jr..

Noel Wayne WYATT Jr. was born on 14 August 1922 in Commerce, Oklahoma. Parents: Noel Wayne WYATT and Dixie Kathryn DUMAS.

Spouse: Daveda SWAFFER. Daveda SWAFFER and Noel Wayne WYATT Jr. were married on 30 June 1950. Children were: Noel Wayne WYATT III, David Lyle WYATT.

Noel Wayne WYATT III was born on 26 November 1954 in Harlingen, Texas. Parents: Noel Wayne WYATT Jr. and Daveda SWAFFER.

Robert YANCY was born (date unknown). Will dated 1745.

Spouse: Temperance Dumas DUMAS.

Jane YANDEL was born (date unknown). 1. Jane Yandel might be cousin rather than wife.

Spouse: John BRASHIER. Children were: John BRASHIER, Samuel BRASHIER, Thomas J. BRASHIER, Elijah BRASHIER, Lawrence BRASHIER, Aquilla BRASHIER, William BRASHIER.

Elizabeth YEARDLY was born (date unknown). Parents: Sir George YEARDLY and Lady Temperance FLOWERDEW.

Spouse: Major Joseph CROWSHAW. Children were: Mary CROWSHAW.

Sir George YEARDLY was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lady Temperance FLOWERDEW. Lady Temperance FLOWERDEW and Sir George YEARDLY were married about 1618. Children were: Elizabeth YEARDLY.

Anna YINGLING was born on 6 May 1888. She died on 26 September 1934.

Spouse: Claude Eugene DUMAS. Anna YINGLING and Claude Eugene DUMAS were married on 24 March 1908. Children were: Lawrence Eugene DUMAS, Claude Wilburn (Babe) DUMAS.