James COOK died on 26 February 1879 in Rush, Indiana.

Spouse: Susannah CHAPPELL. Susannah CHAPPELL and James COOK were married on 27 April 1831.

Reuben COOK was born (date unknown). 1. See C - 66 (?) re. marriage

Spouse: Margaret BRASHIER.

Rev. J.N. COROTHERS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth DUMAS. Mary Elizabeth DUMAS and Rev. J.N. COROTHERS were married.

Helen Temple COWAN was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Claude Wilburn (Babe) DUMAS. Helen Temple COWAN and Claude Wilburn (Babe) DUMAS were married on 7 March 1938. Children were: Claude Roger DUMAS.

Anthony Ryan COX was born on 7 July 1980 in Plano, Texas. Parents: Eddie COX and Juliene NELSON.

Eddie COX was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Juliene NELSON. Juliene NELSON and Eddie COX were married. Children were: Anthony Ryan COX, Evan Lee COX.

Evan Lee COX was born on 19 May 1982 in Denton, Texas. Parents: Eddie COX and Juliene NELSON.

M. L. COX was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Ruth Blanch DUMAS. Ruth Blanch DUMAS and M. L. COX were married.

Edward S. CRAWFORD was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Maria Josephine SHIPP. Maria Josephine SHIPP and Edward S. CRAWFORD were married.

Carolyn L. CROSS was born on 11 September 1945. Parents: unknown CROSS and Vera Ellen DUMAS.

Marvin L. CROSS was born on 6 May 1941. Parents: unknown CROSS and Vera Ellen DUMAS.

unknown CROSS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Vera Ellen DUMAS. Vera Ellen DUMAS and unknown CROSS were married. Children were: Marvin L. CROSS, Carolyn L. CROSS.

Major Joseph CROWSHAW was born (date unknown). Parents: Captain Raleigh CROWSHAW.

Spouse: Elizabeth YEARDLY. Children were: Mary CROWSHAW.

Mary CROWSHAW was born (date unknown). Parents: Major Joseph CROWSHAW and Elizabeth YEARDLY.

Spouse: Unknown WHITE. Mary CROWSHAW and Unknown WHITE were married about 1665. Children were: Mary WHITE.

Captain Raleigh CROWSHAW was born (date unknown).

Children were: Major Joseph CROWSHAW.

Jessie Myrtle CULLUM was born about 1880 in White County, Arkansas.

Spouse: James Donald DUMAS. Jessie Myrtle CULLUM and James Donald DUMAS were married on 17 December 1894. Children were: Ella Mae DUMAS, Helen Donna DUMAS, Judson Armstead DUMAS, Ruby Lucielle DUMAS, Ruth Blanch DUMAS, Katy Madge DUMAS, Donald Winfield DUMAS, James Lee DUMAS, Virginia DUMAS, Verner Wardell DUMAS.

Martha CULPEPPER was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Benjamin DUMAS.

Marmaduke DANIEL was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Arizona Elizabeth DUMAS. Arizona Elizabeth DUMAS and Marmaduke DANIEL were married.

Female DAVIS was born in 1701. Information re. a female child of Mary White through a previous marriage is from Jean Cothran. Need more infor here on J. Cothran Parents: William DAVIS and Mary WHITE.

William DAVIS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary WHITE. Children were: Female DAVIS.

Marguerite DE GENTILLOT was born (date unknown). Parents: Jean GENTILLOT and Margurite FAURE.

Spouse: Jean DUMAS. Marguerite DE GENTILLOT and Jean DUMAS were married on 24 January 1691 in Church of La Patente de Soho (London). Children were: Marie DUMAS, Jean DUMAS, Marie DUMAS, Marguerite DUMAS, Jacques DUMAS, Daniel DUMAS, Possibly OTHERS.

Dorothy DEBERRY was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Olin Burbank BLANKS. Dorothy DEBERRY and Olin Burbank BLANKS were married.

Helen Susan DECKER was born (date unknown). Parents: William H. DECKER and Mary Jane HENDRICKS.

Helen Susan DECKER was born on 19 June 1900.

William H. DECKER was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary Jane HENDRICKS. Mary Jane HENDRICKS and William H. DECKER were married. Children were: William H. DECKER Jr., Helen Susan DECKER.

William H. DECKER Jr. was born (date unknown). Parents: William H. DECKER and Mary Jane HENDRICKS.

Arthur Lee DEREBERRY was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Glenna Wilfred CARLAT. Glenna Wilfred CARLAT and Arthur Lee DEREBERRY were married on 24 November 1918. Children were: Jean Carlat DEREBERRY, Virginia Lee DEREBERRY.

Jean Carlat DEREBERRY was born on 9 September 1919. Parents: Arthur Lee DEREBERRY and Glenna Wilfred CARLAT.

Spouse: Jacqueline NODLER. Jacqueline NODLER and Jean Carlat DEREBERRY were married on 12 February 1949.

Virginia Lee DEREBERRY was born on 15 October 1921. Parents: Arthur Lee DEREBERRY and Glenna Wilfred CARLAT.

Spouse: Thomas Brown WILLIAMS II. Virginia Lee DEREBERRY and Thomas Brown WILLIAMS II were married on 5 August 1942.

Nancy Jane DONNELL was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Robert David BLANKS. Nancy Jane DONNELL and Robert David BLANKS were married on 4 July 1979. Children were: Baylee Jane BLANKS, Marshall David BLANKS, Roberta Donnell BLANKS.

? DUMAS was born (date unknown). Parents: Murat (Bud) DUMAS and Bessie UNDERWOOD.

? DUMAS was born (date unknown). Parents: Murat (Bud) DUMAS and Bessie UNDERWOOD.

? DUMAS was born (date unknown). Parents: Murat (Bud) DUMAS and Bessie UNDERWOOD.

A. E. DUMAS was born in October 1880 in Smith County, Texas. Parents: Frank Hollis DUMAS and Emma BEARFIELD.

A.E.S. DUMAS was born on 25 December 1851. He appeared in the census in 1860 in Chickasaw County Mississippi. He appeared in the census in 1880 in Cherokee County, TX. Census shows M.V. Dumas is widowed in this census. 1. AES Sr. Died in 1852 when AES Jr was 6 months old. John C. Cook (AES Sr.'s mother's sister's son) took initial guardianship. Living in his home was Sarah Cook (his wife) and Mary Ann Coker. When John C. Cook died, Mary Ann Coker was apparently taking care of AES. Mary Ann Coker maried Joel A. Parker before 1860. Sarah Cook married R. A. McDaniel. In 1859, Joel A. Parker sued the estate of John C. Cook $500 (for the 160 acres that belonged to AES), and filed for and received guardianship (he stated that he was acting as guardian anyway, probably because Mary Ann Coker was caring for AES). In May 1866, when AES Jr. was 15, he petitioned to the court for Sarah McDaniel (formerly Sarah Cook) to be his guardian.

2. Some people speculate that Mary Ann Coker is AES's mother. Based on the following information, this may not be the case:
- With Mary Ann Coker living with John C. Cook, why would John C. Cook be considered a guardian if Mary Ann was his mother?
- In the Joel A. Parker law suit, it claims that AES is an orphan. Since Mary Ann was alive at the time and married to Joel Parker, why would it say this?
- Additionally, his petition for guardianship was away from Mary Ann Coker/Parker and Joel Parker.

3. Story From Mary Whatley Clarke, "Uncle Joe McComb," Cattleman, June 1974 (This would have been around early 1870s).
This is Centennial Year for Albany and Shackelford county and much of the exciting pioeer history of that area of Texas is being recalled. Stories of some of the outstanding pioneers will be published in a Centennial book. Perhaps no early-day citizen of Fort Griffin and Albany had a more adventurous life in his youth than the late J.S. McComb, known to everyone as Uncle Joe. He died in 1935. He was a noted buffalo hunter, and was proof that all buffalo hunters were not rough, uncouth men. He lived out his life in Albany, was a gentle, fun-loving man, agreat favorite of both young and old. He was born in Randolph county, Ala., May 12, 1854, and came with his parents to Texas in 1868, Several stops were made before the family settled permanently in Eastland county in 1870. The next year Joe was 17 years of age and helped to drive a herd of 900 aged steers up the Chisholm Trail to Caldwell, Kan. His pay was $15 a month. The owners of the cattle were Stuart, Strawn and Bartholomew of Strawn, Texas. That herd was one of the first to be trailed out of Eastland county, and it was a tough job indeed to round up the wild and aged steers out of the Eastland county sand hills. A half dozen cowboys were in charge of the herd, and stampede followed stampede. Luckily no Indians were encountered. Caldwell, Kan., where the cowboys wintered, was a small village then, with on estore, a livery stable and a saloon. On the return trip to Texas when travelling through Comanche Strip, the couwboys encountered a camp of Comanches. The Indians surrounded their wagon, helped themselves to supplies, and took all of their tobacco. Joe often said the boys suffered more from the lack of tobacco across the lonely miles homeward, than the shortage of food. Finding no more cow work in Eastland county after his trip up the trail, Joe saddled his horse again and rode to Weatherford, but there was no work there. However he met a young Frenchman in the Parker county seat, named Allison Edgar Cebron (mispelled!) Dumas, and the two became buddies. They decided to ride west to the fabled frontier town of Fort Griffin on the Clear Fork of the Brazos. After reaching their destination they were duly impressed with what they saw. The fort stood on the hill above the revier, where several hundred soldiers were stationed. Below was The Flat, the frontier village where the soldiers and scattered settlers did their trading. The town had three saloons and three stores. The most popular saloon was the Beehive, with the following verse painted above the door: "In this hive we are all alive, Good whiskey makes us funny, And if you are dry
Step in and try, The flavor of our honey." Fort Griffin was the gathering place for a motley throung of people: hunters, freighters, questionable characters hiding from the law, gambling hall ladies, and a few stable citizens. Life was never dull in Fort Griffin, especially after dark. Among the pioneer ranchmen with spreads on the unfenced prarie were Judge J.C. Lynch, Cal Greer, Joe Browningn, Uncle Joe Matthews, Mart Hoover and Judge Ledbetter. Joe and Dumas spent a week looking for work but, not finding anything, decided to ride to San Antonio. They planned to leave in the early morning, and the night before crossed the Clear Fork and camped in a slough about a mile from town. They hobbled their horses and unrolled their blanets in the high weeds as a precaution from Indian attack. They were awakened in the early hours of the morning by the sound of horses' hooves, and saw, in the moonlight, a band of Indians near their camp. The Indians rode near the men, but did not disturb them. Joe believed the Indians saw them, thought them to be asleep, and did not harm them, since it was their custon not to shoot a sleeping man. The Indians cut the hobbles from the horses and took the animals with them. (September 1872) Later that morning, Joe and Dumas took the hobbles of their horsed and walked up to the fort. There they reported the presence of the Indians in the vicinity and the theft of their horses to Gen. Buell, commander of the fort. Their report brought about the famous McKenzie Drive against the Comanches, which resluted in the subjugation of "The Lords of the South Plains," and opend the virgin territory in that area of Texas to civilization. Gen. Buell sent a scout troup out to follow the Indians. The soldiers returned after a few days, telling the general that the marauders had headed toward Crystal Falls, had committed more pillage in that area, before heading for their village in Yellow House Canyon. The scouts had caught up with the Indians, but badly outnumbered, had retreated. Gen. Buell then ordered Lt. Ranald S. McKenzio (later promoted to general) to take a troop of cavalry and some Tonkawa Indian scouts, and pursue the Comanches. The trail made by the Fort Griffin cavalry troop, led by McKenzie, is still referred to as "The McKenzie Trail." Many settlers followed it to new homes on the plains. It can still be dimly traced through Throckmorton county. McKenzies's cavalry destroyed the Indians and their village, along with 1,000 horses. Fifteen of the animals were given to the Indian scouts. Dumas' horse was recovered, but the Comanches had cruelly mutilated the poor animal, cutting off its tail and one of its ears. The horse was returned to Dumas, who having enough of the wild frontier, headed back east on the horse. It was later reported that the faithful horse had drowned near Fort Davis when crossing the Clear Fork.

4. There is a receipt from Clarksville indicating he could have been a traveling salesman. He had purchased several hundred dollars worth of household goods.

4. AES's gravesite is unknown. He died before 1900 based in the Census which shows MV Dumas as Head of Household and widowed.

5. From the 1900 Census, it also shows M.V. Dumas had 5 Children, but only 1 was alive (Walter). Since she was married at 22, some or all of these are AES's children. Where are they buried? What are their names?
Parents: Alson E. S. DUMAS and Unknown UNKNOWN.

Spouse: Martha Jane GUTHERY. Martha Jane GUTHERY and A.E.S. DUMAS were married on 30 May 1878 in Smith Co. TX. Texas Marriage Collection, 1814-1909 and 1966-2002
Name: A. E. S. Dumas
Gender: Male
Marriage Date: 30 May 1878
Spouse: M. J. Guthery
Marriage City: Smith
Marriage State: Texas
Source: Texas Marriages, 1851-1900
Children were: William David DUMAS, John A. E. DUMAS, Roxy Allie H. DUMAS.

Spouse: Martha Virginia POSTON. Martha Virginia POSTON and A.E.S. DUMAS were married on 6 January 1888 in Henderson Co. TX. Children were: Walter Lee DUMAS.

Ada DUMAS was born (date unknown). Parents: John Washington DUMAS and Sarah J. (Sally) NEELEY.

Spouse: J. F. EWING. Ada DUMAS and J. F. EWING were married. Children were: Freda D. EWING, Mabel D. EWING.

Albert Gallatine DUMAS was born on 25 December 1854 in Alpine Chatooga County, Georgia. He died in 1926. Parents: Jackson DeBerry DUMAS and Lucinda MCCAIN.

Spouse: Emma SHIVEL. Emma SHIVEL and Albert Gallatine DUMAS were married on 19 September 1888. Children were: Dixie Kathryn DUMAS.

Alexander (Alex or Alf) DUMAS was born about 1875 in near Lobdell, Mississippi. He died on 6 April 1910. Parents: Dr. Merrival DUMAS and Margaret Ann "Maggie" MASON.

Spouse: May (or Mary) WILBOURN. May (or Mary) WILBOURN and Alexander (Alex or Alf) DUMAS were married on 4 June 1895. Children were: Mamie Dixie DUMAS, Merrival DUMAS, Howard Alexander DUMAS, Ernest M. DUMAS, Elizabeth Bayes DUMAS.

Allen Ernest DUMAS was born on 28 January 1933 in Ft. Worth, TX. Parents: William David DUMAS and Laura Mae "May" NICHOLS.

Spouse: Ann Patricia LATHAM. Ann Patricia LATHAM and Allen Ernest DUMAS were married on 29 December 1965 in Ft. Worth, TX. Children were: Michelle Elise DUMAS, Stephen Allen DUMAS, Mark Christopher DUMAS.

Allen M. DUMAS was born on 25 August 1940. Parents: Millard Newton DUMAS and Leila UNKNOWN.

Alson E. S. DUMAS was born on 6 June 1822 in Greenvile Dist., SC. Houston, Mississippi Tombstone of AES Dumas

"In memory of ALSON E. S. DUMAS, who was born in Greenville District S.Ca. June 16th 1822, and departed this life at his residence in Houston Miss. May 6th 1852, Aged 29 years, 10 months & 20 days. 'I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh when no man can work.'" He died on 6 May 1852 in Houston, MS. Houston, Mississippi Tombstone of AES Dumas

"In memory of ALSON E. S. DUMAS, who was born in Greenville District S.Ca. June 16th 1822, and departed this life at his residence in Houston Miss. May 6th 1852, Aged 29 years, 10 months & 20 days. 'I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh when no man can work.'" He was buried in Houston, MS Cementery next to Mary Ann. 1. AES, senior, was a member of the Greensboro Lodge No. 49, Choctaw County, Greensboro and the Houston Lodge No. 67, Chickasaw County, Houston MS. Masonic Lodges. John C. Cook, the first guardian of AES, minor, after the death of AES, senior, was also a member of Lodge No. 67. See Abstracts of Annual Returns, Mississippi Free and Accepted Masons.

2. AES was elected probate clerk in 1849 and 1851, Chickasaw county, MS. See BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL section of MEMOIRS OF MISSISSIPPI. This article states that AES died in 1852. It is interesting to note that John C. Cook was elected Probate Clerk in 1845. Cook was the first Guardian of AES, minor after the death of AES, senior.

3. Goodspeed's Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Mississippi, Vol 1, Pt 1, P 1-682 : "At the first election in the county held in April, 1836, and at every successive general election thereafter to the beginning of the war, the men named below were elected to the most important county offices: …..1849 - William L. Baskin, sheriff; G. W. Thornton, probate judge; A. E. S. Dumas, probate clerk, William M. Moffat, circuit clerk. 1851 - William L. Baskin, sheriff; Jacob Ault, probate judge; A. E. S. dumas, probate clerk; A. F. Hiller, circuit clerk. In 1852 A. E. S. Dumas died, and William B. Buchanan was elected probate clerk in Ma, 1852, to fil the vacancy.

4. Bond Book for Chickasaw County Officials 1847-1852. AES Bound to Bond: 23 June 1849, 6 Aug 1849, 28 Aug 1849, 8 Nov 1849, 15 Nov 1849 x2, 26 Apr 1851, 26 May 1851 (Cook & Brasher), 17 Nov 1851, 29 Dec 1851. AES Person on Bond: 10 Nov 1849, 3 May 1851, 6 Nov 1851. Parents: Elhanan Winchester DUMAS and Elizabeth BRASHIER.

Spouse: Mary Ann HUNTER. Mary Ann HUNTER and Alson E. S. DUMAS were married on 7 March 1842 in Mississippi. From "Mississippi Marriages 1819 - 1900" published by HUNTING FOR BEARS, INC.,

Dumas, A E "L" and Mary Ann Hunter married March 7, 1842 in Lowndes, MS.
Children were: Arkansas Dumas DUMAS, Louissiana DUMAS, Mary Ann DUMAS, Missouri DUMAS.

Spouse: Unknown UNKNOWN. Children were: A.E.S. DUMAS.

Alyssa Noel DUMAS was born on 6 January 2003 in Baylor Hospital, Grapevine, TX. Parents: Mark Christopher DUMAS and Bonnie Elaine HAWORTH.

Amos DUMAS was born about 1777 in Richmond Co., North Carolina. He died in 1844 in Monroe Co. Alabama. Number 1: Started Dumas Clan in Aarkansas. Parents: Benjamin DUMAS Sr. and Jamima MCLENDON.

Spouse: Drucilla AGEE.

Anna Caledonia DUMAS was born in September 1884. She died on 11 November 1978 in Fort Worth, Texas. Fact 1: *Anna and John were both mute. Parents: Lawrence Washington DUMAS II and Martha T. WILKINSON.

Spouse: John FLYNN. Anna Caledonia DUMAS and John FLYNN were married.

Anna Mae DUMAS was born on 26 October 1937. Parents: William David DUMAS and Laura Mae "May" NICHOLS.

Spouse: Elton D. BENTLE. Anna Mae DUMAS and Elton D. BENTLE were married in Fort Worth, TX. Children were: Barry BENTLE, Dee Anna BENTLE.

Arbella (Adella)? (Mollie) DUMAS was born (date unknown). Parents: John Brashier DUMAS and Caroline .

Spouse: Monroe NORRIS. Arbella (Adella)? (Mollie) DUMAS and Monroe NORRIS were married.

Spouse: Mathias HARDIN. Arbella (Adella)? (Mollie) DUMAS and Mathias HARDIN were married.

Arizona Elizabeth DUMAS was born on 19 February 1859 in Grayson County, Texas. Parents: Jackson DeBerry DUMAS and Lucinda MCCAIN.

Spouse: Marmaduke DANIEL. Arizona Elizabeth DUMAS and Marmaduke DANIEL were married.

Arkansas Dumas DUMAS was born about 1846 in Alabama. Born about 1846 - According to the 1850 Census, Arkansas Dumas was born in Alabama. Mary Ann Dumas (and maybe AES) is in Alabama. Parents: Alson E. S. DUMAS and Mary Ann HUNTER.

Arlington DUMAS was born in 1842 in Mississippi. Fact 1: *TWIN*. Parents: Winchester DUMAS Jr. and Louisa JENKINS.

Arthur DUMAS was born in White County, Arkansas. He was stillborn unknown. Parents: Dr. Merrival DUMAS and Margaret Ann "Maggie" MASON.